About ISEC Global

ISEC Global Directors have spent many years in the region of the Republic of Sierra Leone and bordering Countries, establishing strong links with Business and Governmental communities which enable us to pool these resources to suit your Business opportunities & requirements ready for investment.

The ISEC Global team consists of highly experienced company directors with a wide range of skill sets that will work alongside your business to fulfil your requirements in order to successfully obtain your interested business opportunities. We pride ourselves on the ability to gain the information you require in a shorter time frame than is usually possible, and at a fraction of the cost that would normally be incurred. This is down to our local connections within our team and their continued pursuance of the ever evolving Republic of Sierra Leone and its natural assets which are currently ripe for the picking.


Africa’s most populous Country appears to be experiencing both its best and worst times, and recently being crowned as Africa’s largest economy.

After two years of working on revising important economic data, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that Nigeria’s economy, previously valued at $270 billion, was actually worth $510 billion, an 89% leap.
Nigeria instantly overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest economy, and the 26th largest in the world, up by 13 places.

Welcome to Nigeria Rising, the slowly but steadily changing story of Africa’s most populous Country, rich in Oil and Gas, hobbled for years by contradictions, but now emerging as an investors delight.

Nigeria’s potential is rooted in this fact. A fast growing population backed by wealth from Oil & Gas across its 170 million residents.

Having interacted with a galaxy of well positioned and refined Nigerians, in either the Diplomatic field, or at the United Nations Field Missions, and at the National Defence College, some Directors of ISEC Global Ltd. would strive to bring meaningful investments which will no doubt positively impact on the Nigerian economy overall.