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Evolving Sierra Leone

Here at ISEC Global we realise the huge potential for investment opportunities that currently lay within the Republic of Sierra Leone. This vastly untouched African nation offers some very exciting opportunities to help your Business be at the forefront of an emerging Country.

ISEC Global wishes to welcome investors and entrepreneurs alike who wish to pursue the opportunity in developing the predominantly virgin assets and resources the Republic of Sierra Leone has to offer.

Current resources that Sierra Leone holds for development/investment; Kimberlite Diamonds, Alluvial Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Rutile, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Manganese, Cassiterite (Tin Oxide), Molybdenite, Petroleum & petrochemicals, Communications, General Construction and infrastructure, Fisheries and Ports.

Over the years of working in and around this ever changing African nation we have constantly been on the lookout for small & large scale projects, enabling us to bring these exciting opportunities to your doorstep, where we will assist you every step of the way for a smooth transition from prospective, to fully blown contracts that are suited to your Business diversification & growth, ISEC Global is here for you.

ISEC Global and it’s dedicated team and vast Governmental contacts wishes to evolve this asset rich nation into becoming the new Heart of Africa with the abundance of natural resources that are currently on offer.